The content here represents only a small sampling of the many exhibitions, 'snapshot' exhibits, and events the Museum has organized over the years.

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Selected Previous Exhibitions

Out of the Box:
The Rise of Sneaker Culture

April 25th , 2013 - June 1st, 2014
Roger Vivier
Process to Perfection

May 2012-April 2013
The Roaring Twenties
Heel, Hemlines and High Spirits

April 2011 - April 2012
JUNO Sole:
Celebrating 40 Years of the JUNO Awards

November 2010 - November 2011
Art in Shoes ~ Shoes in Art
October 2010- April 2012
On a Pedestal:
From Renaissance Chopines to Baroque Heels

November 2009 - September 2010
image of a shoe from the Bound for Glory exhibition Bound for Glory:
Cutting-Edge Winter Sports Footwear

March 2009 - March 2010
image of a shoe from the Chronicles of Riches exhibition
Chronicles of Riches:
Treasures from the Bata Shoe Museum

signature image of ballet shoes from the On Pointe exhibition On Pointe:
The Rise of the Ballet Shoe

signature image of gold Rococo shoe The Charm of Rococo:
Femininity and Footwear in the 18th Century

June 2006 to April 3, 2008
Chinese bib Watched by Heaven, Tied to Earth:
Summoning Animal Protection for Chinese Children

March 8, 2006-October 7, 2007
Icons Icons of Elegance:
Influential Shoe Designers of the 20th Century

September 2005-January 2007
buckled footwear Beads, Buckles & Bows:
Four Hundred Years of Embellished Footwear

Fall 2004-June 2006
Alaskan Appeasing the Spirits:
Alaskan Coastal Cultures

Winter 2004-Winter 2006
image of footwear in Paths Across the Plains Paths Across the Plains:
Traditional Footwear from the Great Plains

2004-September 2005

Selected Previous 'Snapshot' Exhibits

healthy foot logo Healthy Feet Exhibit
(Adobe PDF file, 36K)
June 12-July 22, 2007
Program partner
logo - Michener
The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences

Selected Previous Events

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Sock Drive: November 13-30 - Annually
image of couple who were Museum's millionth visitors We Welcomed Our Millionth Visitor
September 22, 2008
image of Oscar Peterson and a piano Induction of Jazz Legend Oscar Peterson's Shoes into the Museum
May 21, 2008
image of balloons Trek to Exotic Lands: March Break 2008
March 10-14, 2008
Media release, January 28 2008
(Adobe PDF file, 440Kb, 1 page, prints onto letter-sized (8 1/2 x 11") paper.)
image of tango dancers Step into Tango: Milonga at the Bata Shoe Museum
February 23, 2008
image of Chinese performer Master Bi Gu Yun Rare performance of Peking Opera 'Nan Dan' tradition
(Adobe PDF file, 120K)
July 24, 2007
Program partners
logo - Little Pear Garden
Little Pear Garden Collective

logo - Harbourfront Centre
Harbourfront Centre
image - Musicians in Ordinary In the Shoes of an Elizabethan Lady: The Passions and Scandals of Frances Walsingham
(Adobe PDF file, 84K)
May 25, 2007
Sense and Sensuality: The Charm of Rococo
(Adobe PDF file, 84K - same file as above)
June 22, 2007
Program partners
logo - The Musicians in Ordinary
The Musicians in Ordinary
image of display case w Havel shoes Induction of Václav Havel's shoes
(Adobe PDF file, 196K)
June 5, 2007
Program partners
logo - Czech Consulate General Toronto
Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Toronto
pirate flag Young Pirates Take Over Bata Shoe Museum
(Adobe PDF file, 448K)
June 5, 2007
(Adobe PDF file, 448K)
Johnny Depp's Pirate Boots on Display
(Adobe PDF file, 440K)
Pirate March Break flyer
(Adobe PDF file, 720K)
March 12-16, 2007
image of pig, from Glenn Roberts Collection Bata Shoe Museum welcomes Pigs!
(Adobe PDF file, 196K)
February 6-March 9, 2007
Program partners
logo - Asian Heritage month
Asian Heritage Month Toronto

logo - York Center for Asian Research
York Centre for Asian Research
image of Nizam slippers "I Got My Slippers Back: The Golden Slippers and the Nizams of Hyderabad"
Illustrated talk by Haroon Siddiqui
(JPG file, 96K)
November 21, 2006

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