An Atrium Installation by Artist Jim Hake

On view now

The warmth and intensity of the light that floods through the southern window reminds me of the way light and colour are used in places of worship to convey imagery, information and fascination.

Jim Hake, Artist


Image: Self-portrait, Jim Hake © Jim Hake

Inspired by our collection, artist Jim Hake set out to work on creating an atrium installation to mark out milestone anniversary.  The installation, made up of several pairs of colourful high heels twirling in light, symbolizes beauty and elegance and references the charged enchantment of cathedrals while at the same time playing with the kaleidoscopic potential of the forms and materials.




Through colour, shape, pattern and juxtaposition, these shoe sculptures go beyond simplified allusion.  The shoes are meant to embody specific personalities and become metonymical references to people known or imagined, people that would enjoy dancing in a space bathed in light.  Special thanks given to Abet Laminati for their contribution to this installation.