Leave your footprint on our map of the world! #BSMShoeMap

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Bata Shoe Museum.  For the past two decades the BSM has strived to use shoes to tell stories – stories about cultures, stories about history, stories about society and stories about people.  This year we are asking you to tell your stories and help us create a map of the world that reflects what shoes look like and represent to the cultures, societies and people who wear them. What corners of the world have your shoes taken you to?  What does footwear mean in your culture?  What have you accomplished in your favourite pair of shoes? We invite you to use our interactive map to become part of the narrative of the story of shoes and share with us what has happened to you when you have taken the time to discover “the world at your feet”.


Visit “The World at Your Feet: A Global Mapping Project by the BSM”