Saturday, October 3rd, sunset to sunrise

The BSM is very excited to once again be part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, a free all-night contemporary art event which sees Toronto transformed by contemporary art projects created by hundreds of artists.

This  year the BSM has been selected for 10 for 10th, a city co-produced exhibition area that responds to the curatorial vision Memory Lane, from Che Kothari (Toronto/LA) in celebration of the 10th edition of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.  With curatorial direction from Che, the BSM will host a 10 for 10th artist, along with two Independent Projects.  See below for this exciting projects curatorial statement courtesy of Scotiabank Nuit Blance.  The entire museum including all the galleries will also be open for viewing..


10 for the 10th
The Shoes That Line the Lane
Artist: Cyril Williams

This project focuses on the tradition of hanging shoes on wires in public spaces to honour personal memories and the lives of those who have had an impact on us. The installation takes this usually anonymous rite and transforms it into a public affair.  Click here for more information.


Independent Project
I, Pave
Artist: Anchi Lin

I, Pave is the foot massage pavement often seen in the community parks in Taiwan, where the artist grew up. Walking on it without shoes causes pain, which is memorable and pleasurable. The experience of the pain is a reminder of being aware of your body.  Click here for more information.


Independent Project
Artist: Pascale Peyret

Commissioned to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Francophonie in Ontario, the installation is a mediation on footprints: those left by our ancestors (inspired by artefacts in the museum collection), those of Samuel de Champlain and the 400-year French presence in Ontario, and the invisible carbon footprint we all leave behind each day. Dozens of carbonized wooden shoe lasts are suspended from the atrium ceiling in clusters evoking the ‘hanging rooms’ where coal miners hung their daytime clothing in baskets.  Click here for more information.