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We Put Our Foot In Everything!

Do you have an idea for a public program event at the Bata Shoe Museum? You don't have to be a shoe expert to start something!

Are you a performer? Shoes have inspired plays, dances, music, and art.
Are you a storyteller? Shoes are the main show in many a film, folk tale, and novel.
Are you an expert in your field? Ancient cultures, current fashion trends, political events past and present, or economics are just some of the subjects that can be explored by looking at footwear.

To find out what it takes to get involved, follow this link.

There's always something happening at the Museum! Our changing exhibitions and collections inspire talks, music, family activities, and much more with a unique flavour found nowhere else.

You can view upcoming events by TYPE OF EVENT (Especially for Families, Lectures, etc.) or by date (with event details, below).

Visit us on the weekend with your little ones and there is always a shoe-themed arts and crafts activity as well as funky shoes to try on and a game of iSpy to play in the gallery. All activities are drop-in until 4pm (unless pre-empted by other programming)

Wednesday, April 30th

$20.00 in advance, $25 at the door (plus tax)

Fabric of My Life

Special Events

The Fabric of My Life

hands on

The Fabric of My Life is a sartorial autobiography written and presented by Tziporah Salamon. Using pictures, stories, anecdotes and clothes, Tziporah weaves a rich tapestry of her journey towards self.

Born to Hungarian Jews, both Holocaust survivors, and both tailors, Tziporah describes her childhood in Natanya in the newly formed state of Israel, the move to America at the age of 9 that broke her heart, her schooling at Erasmus Hall High School, SUNY Buffalo, graduate school in California and quitting a PhD in psychology to come back to NY to pursue fashion. Watch her personal style evolve as she morphs from being the best dressed little girl in Natanya, to the “best in the Hall” in Erasmus, to the most sophisticated coed in Buffalo, to the artistic hippie in Berkeley, to the elegant and creative international woman of today. You will feel her pain and rejoice in her triumphs as Tziporah struggles to find the perfect fit - the right venue that will allow her to utilize her unique skills and intelligence while still retaining her individual sense of style and refusal to compromise her ideals and vision.

Join us for this unique theatrical experience followed by a wine and cheese reception with Tziporah Salamon.

Saturday, May 24th or Sunday, May 25th

$50.00 (includes a wine and cheese reception with the cast). To purchase tickets by phone please call 416-979-7799 x 240

Last Seven Steps

Special Events

The Last Seven Steps of Bartholomew S.

hands on

The BSM is excited to present, back by popular demand, a two-night return of the sold out theatre experience The Last Seven Steps of Bartholomew S. Join us on May 24th or 25th for this unique immersive theatrical event.

Enter the world of Bartholomew S - a mysterious voyager that brings change to the places he visits and individuals he encounters. Over the course of the evening, small groups of participants will interact with characters whose lives hves been impacted by the mysterious Bartholomew S. Each group will be drawn into the retelling of encounters that take place in, and have been inspired by, the galleries of the Bata Shoe Museum.

Saturday, June 21st

Included in regular Museum admission.


Special Event

MM2: A Modern Dance Company

hands on

How can dance bring forward and deepen the way we expereince a place? An alternative to tradional performance, MM2's improvisation and site specfic choreography intergrates dance and place, communitites and time-basaed art.

As part of their Canada Tour 2014, MM2 will be performacing improvisatinal dance, desgined to move you at the BSM. This is a free performance with museum admission.

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