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We Put Our Foot In Everything!

Do you have an idea for a public program event at the Bata Shoe Museum? You don't have to be a shoe expert to start something!

Are you a performer? Shoes have inspired plays, dances, music, and art.
Are you a storyteller? Shoes are the main show in many a film, folk tale, and novel.
Are you an expert in your field? Ancient cultures, current fashion trends, political events past and present, or economics are just some of the subjects that can be explored by looking at footwear.

To find out what it takes to get involved, follow this link.

There's always something happening at the Museum! Our changing exhibitions and collections inspire talks, music, family activities, and much more with a unique flavour found nowhere else.

You can view upcoming events by TYPE OF EVENT (Especially for Families, Lectures, etc.) or by date (with event details, below).

Weekends at the BSM

Visit us on the weekend with your little ones and there is always a shoe-themed arts and crafts activity as well as funky shoes to try on and a game of iSpy to play in the gallery. All activities are drop-in until 4pm (unless pre-empted by other programming).

On Saturdays visitors can also have an enriched gallery experience by stopping by our All About Shoes gallery between 1pm and 3pm to chat with a museum docent, touch some hands on artefacts and learn more about the exhibition.

Check back soon for a whole new series of programming at the BSM for Fall 2014!

For more information about events listed on this page, or to pre-register
Please contact programs@batashoemuseum.ca or call 416.979.7799 x240.

How can you receive free or discounted admission to many of the paid events listed here? By becoming a MEMBER of the Bata Shoe Museum.

Media contact
Rosmarie Gadzovski, Marketing and Public Relations Manager
416.979.7799 x225