Public Programs at the Bata Shoe Museum

If you have an idea for a public program at the Bata Shoe Museum, as a first step please read the Programs Vision Statement below.

Programs Vision Statement

The Bata Shoe Museum's public programs celebrate the world's many and diverse cultures through the unique prism of shoes and footwear.

Through its programming activities, the Museum serves as a place where people can explore the lives and customs of people around the world and throughout history.

  • Values: We believe in community and diversity – of people, values, ideas, and activities;
  • Connections: Through its public programs the Museum becomes a space for people to meet, share, and celebrate;
  • Life-long learning: The Museum facilitates access to the discovery of global cultures, past and present;
  • Openness: The Museum strives to facilitate programming ideas coming from members of the public, as long as they are in keeping with its vision statement;
  • Quality: The Bata Shoe Museum is committed to providing visitors with high quality public programs: displays meet standards of design excellence, lectures and presentations are based on scientific research, concerts and performances by artists of recognition, workshops led by experienced artisans and artists.

image of 2007-05-29 Mongolian event

To get in touch with Public Programs, call 416.979.7799 x242; or send your proposal to [email protected].

Disclaimer: The Public Programs committee will consider any programming idea coming from outside the Museum. However, the decision on which ideas to implement will be made at the discretion of the committee and will be based on whether the proposal is in keeping with the Museum's vision and values, and will also depend on the existing schedule and other logistics. The views expressed by participants and lecturers are not necessarily those of the Museum, its staff, or volunteers.