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Exhibitions: Overview

At the Bata Shoe Museum, our collection contains countless stories. What was it like to be a knight going into battle and donning long pointed sabatons? What can intricately crafted beaded moccasins indicate about trade patterns in Native North America? How have shoes signified status in different cultures? With about 1000 items of footwear on display at any given time, we've got a lot to show and tell. We're always working on a new exhibition, so each visit is a different experience. The Museum creates three types of exhibitions:

For information about some of our previous exhibitions, please visit the ARCHIVE section.

Current Exhibitions

'Snapshot' exhibits

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Online exhibitions

Overview of online exhibitions

image from the All About Shoes online exhibition All About Shoes - A Virtual Museum
image from the On Canadian Ground online exhibition On Canadian Ground:
Stories of Footwear in Early Canada

Bata Shoe Museum International Shoe Design Competition(Held in 2007)
image from the International Shoe Design Competition

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