Page 2 - Bata Shoe Museum Events Guide Winter 2018
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                   The Bata Shoe Museum is the life project of a
                   determined and passionate collector with a keen
                   eye for footwear. Sonja Bata has searched the
                   globe for unusual shoes for decades, resulting in a
                   spectacularly diverse collection found nowhere else
                   in the world.
                   The shoebox-shaped building designed by world
                   renowned architect Raymond Moriyama and located
                   in the heart of downtown Toronto, welcomes you
                   with its distinctive contemporary architecture,
                   spacious and light-filled. Three changing exhibitions
                   and one semi-permanent exhibition mean there is
                   always something new to explore, while lectures,
                   performances, special events and family programs
                   enhance your experience and visit.
                   Stepping into one of the museum’s enchanting
                   galleries is like entering another world, one where
                   the craftsmanship and creativity of the footwear is
                   complemented and put into context by a specially
                   created environment. The objects in the museum
                   span thousands of years, six continents and many
                   walks of life. Footwear is presented as a key to
                   understanding cultures. Revealing attitudes to
                   childhood, marriage, work, leisure, beliefs, social life
                   and so much more, a visit to the museum will enhance
                   your appreciation of human ingenuity and captivate
                   your imagination.
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