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               All About Shoes: Footwear Through the Ages
               Semi-permanent exhibition
               Take a fascinating journey and experience the many facets of footwear
               - its evolution and symbolism through the ages, the methods and
               materials of its manufacture and its place in our lives and imaginations.
               Finishing off the display is Behind the Scenes, an area which highlights
               museum artefacts from the Collection and reveals how we collect and
               store them.

               Art & Innovation: Traditional Arctic Footwear from the Bata Shoe Museum
               Now on view
               The Arctic landscape is home to over forty distinct cultural groups who
               have thrived for centuries by creating beautiful and diverse solutions
               that embrace the unique opportunities provided by the Arctic as well
               as meet its many challenges. In particular, the footwear and clothing
               created by Arctic women attests to this history of innovation. Drawing
               from the BSM’s holdings see inspiring footwear, garments and tools,
               which highlight the artistry and ingenuity of the makers, different
               cultural identities, crafting techniques and spiritual meaning.

               The Gold Standard: Glittering Footwear From Around the Globe
               Now on View
               The gleam of gold has seduced people around the world. Treasured
               for its incorruptibility and remarkable shine, gold has been used
               ornamentally since time immemorial and as currency since at least
               the Bronze Age. But gold for shoes? Seems improbable. Yet golden
               footwear has been central to expressions of status and style in
               numerous cultures.  This exhibition features some of the Bata Shoe
               Museum’s most impressive and precious artefacts and explores the
               meanings and cultural uses of golden footwear across the globe.

               Fashion Victims: The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19  Century
               Closing April 15
               In the 19  century fashion-forward women and their tailored male
               companions graced the boulevards and ballrooms. Yet presenting an
               elegant exterior was not without its perils. From the challenges faced
               by those who produced fashionable dress to the risks taken by those
               who wore it, this exhibition provides thought-provoking insights into
               what it means to be a fashion victim.
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