Look and Listen

Interested in learning more about the Bata Shoe Museum collection?  These audio and videocasts are the perfect way to get up close and personal with some of our favourite artefacts!

Over the course of 2014, Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack went into the BSM storage rooms and pulled out some treasures!  The result was the monthly series The World at Your Feet: Stories from the Collection of the BSM.


Episode 1:
In the first episode of the Bata Shoe Museum’s new video series, Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack discusses the technique and skill used by Canadian Inuit women to create intricate and beautiful designs on traditional kamiks.

Episode 2
Welcome to a special Valentine’s Day edition of “The World at Your Feet”. BSM Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack looks at some footwear for our collection that helped the wearer speak the language of love!

Episode 3
Men’s fashion, and particularly the the role of the sneaker, has been a hot topic here at the BSM since our exhibition “Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture” in 2013. Now that the exhibition is travelling to the Brooklyn Museum in 2015 we expect to hear a lot more about sneakers and their role in popular culture!

Episode 4
This month, as we prepare for ‘April showers to bring May flowers’, our senior curator Elizabeth Semmelhack is looking at a pair of Japanese rain geta.

Episode 5
The Han Chinese practiced foot binding for over 1000 years. Since May is both Museum Month and Asian Heritage Month, Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack will examine some of the history and meaning behind this practice and take a closer look at one of these remarkable artefacts.

Episode 6
As part of our exciting exhibition, Fashion Victims: The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19th Century, our Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack will be highlighting one of the exceptional artefacts from this exhibit – a beautiful 19th century boot by Francois Pinet.

Episode 7
While children are lacing us their new shoes for back to school, we are going to look at an intricate pair of 19th century children’s moccasins.

Episode 8
It’s the spookiest month of the year so Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack is going deep into the vaults and pulling out one of our most chilling artefacts – a pair of corpse shoes designed specifically for funerary use!

Episode 9
In the 18th century, buckles were a way for the wealthy to show off their ‘bling’. Join us as we look at this fashionable and functional accessory and learn how they were also for a time a politically charged part of the 18th century wardrobe!