Shoe of the Month Podcast

The Bata Shoe Museum's podcast series brings you the inside scoop
on one fantastic shoe every month

In celebration of our exhibition "Roger Vivier: Process to Perfection", exhibition curator Elizabeth Semmelhack will look at some of the treasures from the exhibition which examines on the work of this master shoemaker.

Roger Vivier: Process to Perfection Podcast Series

Roger Vivier - Episode 7
Roger Vivier - Episode 6
Roger Vivier - Episode 5
Roger Vivier - Episode 4
Roger Vivier - Episode 3
Roger Vivier - Episode 2
Roger Vivier - Episode 1

Footprints on the World's Stage: The Shoe Stories of Notable People

The Shoe Stories of Notable People 8:
The Dalai Lama
The Shoe Stories of Notable People 7:
Ella Fitzgerald
The Shoe Stories of Notable People 6:
Judy Garland
The Shoe Stories of Notable People 5:
Pierre Trudeau
The Shoe Stories of Notable People 4:
Queen Victoria
The Shoe Stories of Notable People 3:
The Shoe Stories of Notable People 2:
Elizabeth Taylor
The Shoe Stories of Notable People 1:
Elton John

Shoe Stories Podcast Series

Shoe Stories: Podcast 13 - Jim Cuddy's favourite boots
Shoe Stories: Podcast 12 - Father John Boots
Shoe Stories: Podcast 11 - Paduka
Shoe Stories: Podcast 10 - Fibreglass cast of early hominid footprints
Shoe Stories: Podcast 9 - Cree Moccasins
Shoe Stories: Podcast 8 - Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Defection Shoes
Shoe Stories: Podcast 7 - Lancashire Clogs
Shoe Stories: Podcast 6 - Handmade Chinese Winter Shoes
Shoe Stories: Podcast 5 - Justin Bieber's Sneakers
Shoe Stories: Podcast 4 - Gilded Egyptian Cartonnage
Shoe Stories: Podcast 3 - Espadrilles
Shoe Stories: Podcast 2 - Pokkuri Geta
Shoe Stories: Podcast 1 - Margaret Atwood

On a Pedestal Podcast Series

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