Roger Vivier Podcast Series:
Episode 2

Exhibition curator Elizabeth Semmelhack looks the early years in the life of Roger Vivier and the beginnings of his career as a shoemaker and designer.

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Roger Vivier Process to Perfection : Podcast 2
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Roger Vivier for German tannery Heyl-Libenau, French, 1934. Dyed and printed leather, rhinestone, metal. Collection of DLM Deutsches Ledermuseum Schuhmuseum Offenbach, T 1685.

This sample shoe was designed by Roger Vivier for the German tannery Heyl-Libenau in the 1934 and offers insight into the designerís earliest work. A recent discovery by Chief Curator Rosita Nenno of the Deutsches Ledermuseum of a number of Vivierís early shoes demonstrate his inventive use of texture and pattern as well as colour. Vivierís lifelong affinity for asymmetry is also evident in these early prototypes.

Photo credit: Copyright: DLM Deutsches Ledermuseum Offenbach. Corinna Perl-Appl