Grades Jk-12 - Docent Guided Visits

Guided Programs are one hour and cost $6 per student. We suggest allowing 30 mintues after your guided tour for supervised discovery of the rest of the museum. School groups may also reserve use of the lunchroom. The lunchroom allows seating for up to 48 people.

Grad Jk-8: The program includes a gallery visit, plus a "Hands-on Artefact" session where students get to handle and examine museum objects up close. Kindergarten programs also include a try-on shoe session.

Grade 9-12: The program includes a one hour guided tour of two exhibitions of your choice. Alternatively, teachers may request a 30 minute guided tour combined with a 30 minute "Hands-on Artefact" session or a "How to Read a Shoe" session

Grade 9-12 ESL: These highly participatory tours engage students in conversation, encourage questions, and give learners an opportunity to practice their language skills. This one hour guided program includes a gallery visit and a "Hands-on Artefact" session.

Hands-on Artefact Session

Who says you canít touch at the Museum! Enhance your visit with multisensory and tactile experiences through our Hands-on program. Your students will get to examine objects up close while experienced guides explain the fascinating stories behind the shoes. Tactile experiences benefit kinaesthetic learners, and help communicate key information to English Language Learners and those with low vision. Hands-on Artefact Sessions are available for all grades upon request.

How to Read a Shoe Session

In this 30 minute session, students are introduced to the concept of reading artefacts. While working in small groups, students learn to ask important questions and search for clues that reveal information about many aspects of the object. This session is ideal for grades 7-12.

Guided Add-on Program

Extend your visit to 90 minutes with our popular Paint-a-Clog workshop. Each child receives a miniature clog imported from the Netherlands to decorate and take home. There is an additional charge of $7 per student for this option.

Guided School Group Rates
Student $6
Teacher Free with guided tour
Parents on Trip First five parents free | additional parents $14
Clogs $7

Grades Jk-12 - Self-Guided Visits

Self-Guided Visits: Self-guided groups of 10 or more students are asked to book their visits in advance. Our education staff can make recommendations of approaches you can take with your class while visiting the museum. We recommend a maximum of 90 minutes for a self-guided visit.

Self Guided School Group Rates
Student $5
Teacher Free with guided tour
Parents on Trip First five parents free | additional parents $14

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If you have any questions about our education program, or to pre-register, please call 416.979.7799 x242 or email Andrea Field.