Volunteer Recognition

A chance to say thank you!

Whenever possibly we like to take the opportunity to thank the dedicated volunteers who are such an integral part of the BSM.  From twice yearly parties to taking part in the annual Ontario Volunteer Service awards, here are some moments when we get to say thank you!



On April 13th, the BSM hosted our annual spring volunteer celebration!  We had the pleasure of spending a lovely evening with over 60 of our volunteers for a wonderful dinner and some awards.


The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards recognize individual volunteers for continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to an organization. The volunteers listed below received an award on June 17th for their contribution to the Museum.

Donald Booth (20 years of service)
Fiona Kovacaj (Youth award given to a youth under the age of 24 who has volunteered for 2 or more years – Fiona has given over 600 hours to the Museum!)
Edythe Gerrard (20 years of service)
Helena Hallett (20 years of service)
Sandy Muir (15 years of service)
Hana Pelnar ( 20 years of service)
Carolyn Reid (15 years of service)